The Standard

The IAB Tech Lab Data Transparency standard establishes minimum disclosure requirements for audience data providers. It is intended for:

  • Providers that collect, segment, and market data as a standalone product
  • Providers that collect, segment, and market data as a coupled / bundled offering along with media
  • Data marketplaces that broker data between buyers and sellers and represent the “point of purchase”

These disclosure requirements are intended to establish a baseline level of transparency for data buyers about aspects of data collection, processing, and modeling that inform data quality and applicability, regardless of buyer use case. These standards are not intended to provide a qualitative grade as to the efficacy (“this segment performs well”) or quality (“this segment is highly accurate) of the data in question, but simply surface baseline information that buyers can use to make informed decisions regardless of their data use case.

To review the required field details, formatting requirements, please see:

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Data Transparency Standard 1.1

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Audience Taxonomy 1.1